I’ve got a way with words - I’d like to share it with you!

So... you have a great idea, a fantastic new message and you want to get it out there.

Perhaps I can help? I’ve been writing for years - it began with personal projects (mostly poetry and short stories), then grew to proof reading dissertations and friends’ creative writing.

Almost like a caped crusader, with my highly attuned proof reading skills, I can help ensure your written communication is ready for circulation without the crime of cringeworthy mistakes. (Have you ever read ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’?!) I can help with large or small documents, marketing material, product labels, websites, Tweets, Facebook posts and anything else that contains words.

I write copy for clients ranging from designers to manufacturers, small businesses to international charities. I particularly enjoy working with people whose first language isn’t English.

I’ve a knack for understanding what it is you want to say and finding the best way to say it in clear, concise English. This is particularly helpful if you need a spangly new CV to communicate how great you are to prospective employers.

I also run exciting, engaging workshops...

I invite you to explore my site and please get in touch to talk about how I may be able to assist with your project.