The proof is in the pudding...

I simply love proof reading. It’s such a joy to be able to add value to someone else’s work and improve it so they are happy to bursting with the result.

Marion Gillet_Design Management - Bristol

Marion Gillet came to me in 2010 to ask if I would help facilitate the creation of her blog ‘Indian Connections’ and proof read her writing. Indian Connections allowed Marion to stay in contact with her clients around the globe whilst on a research mission to India.

“I asked Liz to help me to create a blog that would engage my clients in my fact finding mission to India. She helped me to organise my thinking so when I sat down to write, the words flowed. Liz is a skilled writer and a sharp proof reader. She helped me clarify my message and, through her textual tweaks, gave me the confidence to know I was writing well.” Marion Gillet